Cut-A-Rug D.J. & Dance Enterprises teaches Country Western Couples Dancing and Country Western Line Dancing. The overwhelming majority of the classes are Country Western Line Dancing. We do not teach or call Square Dancing.

Country Western Line Dancing

There are over 10,000 Country Western Line Dances. We don't teach all of them since it is not possible to learn all of the dances. We do teach some of the old classics and the new popular line dances. We are always open to requests since there are so many different dances.

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Step Descriptions


Bang The Drum

Bartender Stomp

Blue Rose Is

Bread And Butter

Break Away

Bump 'N' Grind

Cheaters Waltz

Chomping At The Bit

Confusion Step

Country Cha Cha

Country Walking

Cowboy Boogie

Cowboy Charleston

Cowboy Rhythm

Cajun Cross

Crazy Little Thing!


Designated Drinker

Dutchess Hustle


Elvira's Cha Cha

Flying 8

Funky Ranch Slide

God Blessed Texas

Haunted Heart

Hooked On Country

Horsin' Around

Jose' Cuervo

Mardi-Gras Mambo

Mercury Blues

Red Hot Salsa

Reggae Cowboy

Rita's Waltz

Saddle Creek Boogie

Save The Horse

Ski Bumpus

Shortenin' Bread

Side Saddle

Sleazy Slide

Soakin' Wet

Southern Night Cha Cha

South Side Shuffle

Stomp 'N Slide

Stroll Along Cha Cha

Suicide Blonde

Super Love

Swamp Thang

Sweet Sweet Smile


Tropical Moment

Tush Push

Vancouver Boogie

Walking After Midnight

Waltz Across Texas

Watermelon Crawl

Whiskey Stomp

Wishful Thinking

Wrapped Around


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