Cowboy Boogie

Choreographed by Unknown
Prepared by Paul Wilburn
Description: 24 count, 4 wall beginner line dance

Counts	Step Descriptions
Vine Right & Left
1.	Step Side Right with RF
2.	Cross LF in back of RF	
3.	Step Side right with RF	
4.	Kick LF past RF	
5.	Step Side Left with LF	
6.	Cross RF in back of LF	
7.	Step Side left with LF	
8.	Kick RF past LF	
Forward & Touch
9.	Step Forward with RF	
10.	Touch LF next to RF	
11.	Step Forward with LF	
12.	Touch RF next to LF
13.	Step Back with Right foot	
14.	Step back with Left foot	
15.	Step back with Right foot	
16.	Raise left Knee
Rocking Steps
17-18.	Rock Forward onto the LF for Two counts (Slow)	
19-20.	Rock Back onto the RF for Two counts (Slow)	
21.	Rock Forward onto the LF	
22.	Rock Back onto the RF	
23.	Rock forward onto the LF and make 1/4 Turn to the left	
24.	Raise right Knee	


Song suggestions:  "Bop" - Dan Seals;  "Hillbilly Rock" - Marty Stuart; "Cowboy Beat" - Bellamy Brothers

Rev:  2/21/00

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